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Texas Southern University (TSU) will establish a Center for Research on Complex Networks to conduct research in complex networks. Three research areas of the Center are: CRCN

  1. Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks (EEWSN), which is to develop energy efficient schemes by integrating secured data aggregation and dynamic power management, investigating efficient multiple adaptation algorithms for uncertainty-aware sensor networks, and exploring dynamic control and optimization strategies;
  2. Urban Transportation Environmental Networks (UTEN), which is to develop and implement vehicle emission models and real-time intelligent network control methods to reduce greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions, thereby improving urban air quality;
  3. Distributed Computational Networks (DCN), which is to develop and implement algorithms for computing on networks for which the resource allocation is uneven.

The research activities in the Center will involve the disciplines of computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering technology, environmental science, and transportation. The research in this Center will be integrated with the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education programs. The outcomes of the Center will increase the number of minority and under-represented students who pursue advanced graduate degrees, contributing to meeting the future critical workforce needs of the nation in STEM fields.